Tech Talk for Thursday February 28th 2013

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Pre-opening Comments for Thursday February 28th

U.S. equity index futures are mixed this morning. S&P 500 futures are unchanged in pre-opening trade.

Index futures eased slightly after economic news was released at 8:30 AM EST. Consensus for the second revision of fourth quarter GDP was an increase to 0.5% from an initial estimate of -0.1%. Actual was an increase of 0.1%. Consensus for weekly initial jobless claims was 360,000 versus 366,000 last week. Actual was a drop to 344,000.

Canada’s bank stocks are expected to open higher after Royal Bank, Toronto Dominion Bank and Commerce Bank reported higher than consensus fiscal first quarter earnings. In addition, Royal Bank and Toronto Dominion raised their dividend by 5%.

Joy Global (JOY $63.45) is expected to open higher after CLSA upgraded the stock from Underperform to Buy.

Groupon plunged $1.68 to $4.30 after reporting less than expected fourth quarter results. The stock also was downgraded by Raymond James from Market Perform to Underperform. Also, Wells Fargo downgraded the stock from Outperform to Market Perform.

JC Penney plunged $3.40 to $17.76 after reporting lower than consensus fourth quarter results.


Interesting Charts

A strong short covering rally boosted major U.S. equity indices to near their 20 day moving averages. The Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to close at a new recent high.






The VIX Index spiked to the downside.


Base metal prices continue to weaken reflecting concerns about a possible slowdown in growth by the Chinese economy.





CSTA Events

Durham Region Chapter CSTA Meeting

12 Mar 2013 6:00 PM (EDT) • 304 Brock St. South Suite 100 Whitby Ontario

Calgary Monthly Meeting

12 Mar 2013 6:30 PM • Devry Campus, Room 201

Bond Investing In A Low Yield Environment

Todd Poland of CIBC Wood Gundy will present his strategy for managing Bond Portfolios

Todd has a large bond portfolio that he manages and is well equipped to show us ideas for a low yield or rising yield environment.

This meeting will be a big one. Lots of people have requested more information on this topic and we have one of the most capable speakers on the subject.

Register for meetings at

North American Equity Markets in the Month of March

According to Thackray’s 2013 Investor’s Guide, the month of March is a mildly encouraging month for North American equity indices. Since 1972 March was the fourth best performing month for the S&P 500 Index, fifth best performing month for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the eighth best performing month for the NASDAQ Composite. Average gains per period were 1.1% for the S&P 500 Index and Dow Jones Industrial Average and 0.6% for the NASDAQ Composite. Most of the gains were recorded in the second half of the month.

The TSX Composite Index has a long term history of outperforming U.S. equity indices in March. Since 1985, average gain per period was 1.3%. March was the third best performing month for the TSX.

Data for the past 10 years paints a slightly different picture with U.S. equity indices outperforming the TSX Composite. Average gain per period for the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 1.41%, average gain for the S&P 500 Index was 1.62%, average gain for the NASDAQ Composite Index was 2.13%, average gain for the Russell 2000 Index was 2.63% and average gain for the TSX Composite Index was 0.54%.

Best performing sectors in March during the past 21 periods (i.e. since launch of the GICs) were Energy, Industrials and Consumer Discretionary. Worst performing sectors were Health Care, Consumer Staples and Technology.

Best performing subsectors in March were Retail, Steel, Transportation and Railroads. Worst performing subsectors were Biotech, Gold and Agriculture.


Weekly Technical Review of Select Sector SPDRs


· Intermediate trend is up. Resistance is at $30.02

· Units remain above their 50 and 200 day MA and moved above its 20 day MA yesterday

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index is neutral

· Short term momentum indicators have declined to a neutral level.



· Intermediate trend is down.

· Units trade below their 20 and 50 day moving averages

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index remains negative

· Short term momentum indicators have dropped to a neutral level.


Consumer Discretionary

· Intermediate trend changed from up to neutral on a break below support at $38.86. Resistance is forming at $51.23.

· Units remain above their 50 and 200 day MA and moved above its 20 day MA yesterday

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index is neutral

· Short term momentum indicators are mixed.



· Intermediate trend is up. Resistance is forming at $41.42

· Units are above their 50 and 200 day MAs and moved above their 20 day MA yesterday

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index remains positive.

· Short term momentum indicators have moved lower to neutral levels.



· Intermediate trend remain up. Resistance is forming at $17.94.

· Units are above their 50 and 200 day MAs and moved above their 20 MA yesterday

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index remains neutral

· Short term momentum indicators have declined to neutral levels.



· Intermediate trend changed from up to neutral on a break below $77.07. Resistance is forming at $79.51.

· Units remain above their 50 and 200 day MAs and just below their 20 day MA.

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index has changed from positive to neutral.

· Short term momentum indicators have dropped to neutral levels.


Consumer Staples

· Intermediate trend is up.

· Units remain above their 20, 50 and 200 day moving averages

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index remains positive.

· Short term momentum indicators are overbought and showing early signs of rolling over


Health Care

· Intermediate trend is up.

· Units trade above their 50 and 200 day MAs and moved above its 20 day MA yesterday

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index remains positive

· Short term momentum indicators are trending down from overbought levels.



· Intermediate trend is up.

· Units trade above their 20, 50 and 200 day moving averages

· Strength relative to the S&P 500 Index changed from neutral to positive

· Short term momentum indicators show signs of rolling over from overbought levels.



Special Free Services available through is offering free access to a data base showing seasonal studies on individual stocks and sectors. The data base holds seasonality studies on over 1000 big and moderate cap securities and indices. Notice that most of the seasonality charts have been updated recently.

To login, simply go to

Following is an example:

Power Corporation of Canada (TSE:POW) Seasonal Chart



Disclaimer: Comments and opinions offered in this report at are for information only. They should not be considered as advice to purchase or to sell mentioned securities. Data offered in this report is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed.

Don and Jon Vialoux are research analysts for Horizons Investment Management Inc. All of the views expressed herein are the personal views of the authors and are not necessarily the views of Horizons Investment Management Inc., although any of the recommendations found herein may be reflected in positions or transactions in the various client portfolios managed by Horizons Investment Management Inc

Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF HAC February 27th 2013


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61 Responses to “Tech Talk for Thursday February 28th 2013”

  1. tony Says:

    Hi Krystyna,

    What group?

    We usually post comments, questions and answers… the only requirements to join this group, is respect your name and your email adress in the boxes above the comment section.

  2. krystyna Says:

    Hi Tony,
    Thank you, I learned a lot from this website and your comments, but still need more hand on experience. I am looking for a workshop or investment club in Edmonton. Does anyone could give me directions?

  3. Roy Says:

    Hello Freddiebouy and Tony
    Thanks for your responses.
    Freddiebouy – It is in RRSP and risk is not a factor.
    Tony – Any ETFs you recommend?

  4. tony Says:

    cut from castlemore email…

    By Guest Columnist, Don Vialoux
    History is about to repeat. Historically, the US equity market enters a corrective phase in February and March in the year after a US president is elected.

    so Monday we wiped out all of february gains just to make it back. so what does March have in reserve for us.

  5. tony Says:


    glad we can help each other…

    I have a few suggestions for you…

    1st one I sent my wife to a seminar here in montreal thru a groupon coupon offer it was a basic class for 30$, she was really satisfied she learned the basics in 6hrs( 3 hrs of theory, and 3 of practice) It took me 5 years to find out the basics stuff that goes around the market.

    heres there website in english
    you could send them an email tell your friend Nadia took the class in January and the pro trading class in last weekend.

    I also know there is another offer on groupon where its a 10 hour class divided by section but I don’t can’t vouch for them as I don’t know the class but from what I read they have 10 classes of 1hr where they present a different module every day.

    last but not least you can always become member for 150$ per annum at the ctsa. you’ll have monthly gatherings and you am sure they will teach you what they know…

    I attended one gathering here in montreal because I read Don V was the guest speaker and I was able to learned alot from him.

  6. tony Says:


    you want one etf that will make you money…

    man there are so many but which one is the best at this time is hard to tell.

    my indicators are telling me to sell what ever I hold for the time being is it for a 5-10% correction or more I have no clue.

    do you want canadian etf or us etf?

    xiu I have a few sell signals but its currently in a range so either breaks above 18.75 for a positive momentum or below 18 for negative momentum.

    xfn has support at 24.9 for the time being. just broke below the 18MA so I would wait and see if it can move to the 200MA and hold is a sell but if it holds above 15.9 and the indicators can move north then it will be a buy. it rebounded off the 200MA for support can the 200MA hold a break abopve 15.93 would give us a positive response for the sector. has to hold above 15.5 but indicators are all negative as we speak. indicators are still negative but If we can move above 14.55 then it will turn positive.

  7. Tawny Says:


    If I had limited funds and were looking to buy one ETF that would make money over time… I would buy which is iShares World Minimum Volatility. Ya get the whole world with one purchase – lower volatility … I would dollar cost average buying in 3 purchases of = amounts throughout March. That is what I would do… but you are you.

  8. Roy Says:

    Thanks Tony – will monitor them.

  9. Tawny Says:


    Just occurred to me, this muted strength in the market may well be attributed to the month end/beg. month effect, esp. due to RRSP deadline etc. Could turn decidedly bearish by March 5 or 6. What do you think?

  10. tony Says:


    Its a good judgement but it lacks volume… 150 shares /day they Money managers have a good sense of smell for retail investors.

    always go for volume because if he wants to exit his trade and you have 10000 people who want to sell buyers will be waiting for the stampede to die down before making their move.

  11. tony Says:

    Ok a simple mistake and I ended up with this chart.


    basically this means we are moving higher but most stocks are in decline as they are moving below their 50 and 150 MA.

    add to it the fact that the 18/50 as the same effect. I have good reasons to bne bearish in this market.

  12. Tawny Says:


    I am bear too… holding a few and will add when market turns for sure, probably Tuesday.

    Like your charts…

  13. krystyna Says:

    Thank you Tony. Unfortunately, Edmonton does not have that many choices compare to Montreal or other big cities. I would like to find something in the city, especially some clubs etc. I already no the basics, I read this website since 2008, learned a lot from all of you, tried day trading as well, now I would like to learn more about income investing, like Canuck does, but may be I have to move to a different city first. Working “on line” only could be very lonely job.

  14. Tawny Says:


    #13. Lonesome for sure which is why it is nice to exchange thoughts and posts here.
    But, why not Google: investment clubs, Edmonton… kind of thing… bet you will come up with something…. first resource for any question, good ole Google!

  15. tony Says:


    Cnd Banks have increased their dividend and made nice $ this quarter and look at where they are now.

  16. Freddebuoy Says:

    Roy, Tony…

    Energy is in/entering its sweet spot but US looks better than Canada. The Canadian energy patch is having its problems and the biggest, it seems to me, is the discount its product commands in its major market – the US. Profits are down, natural gas prices are down and oil prices are down (and drill rig usage is down from last year).

    A better bet (I hate using gambling terms for investing) for my money is XLE vs. XGE.TO even though there are currency costs. (Roy, XLE trades at above $78.00 so you wouldn’t be able to buy 100 shares with you 5M.)

    Tony, XLE is now trading above the 20 MA. Where would you enter? We are just 1.74% ) below the $78.51 resistance and now slightly above the previous resistance of $78, established on Jan 29.

  17. tony Says:

    btw I came across don’s seasonal investing and we here are the sweet spots to invest into:

    Banks Jan 19th, Materials Nov, Consumer disc, and the energy sectopr has just started.

  18. tony Says:


    I agree with you why buy into xeg as its performing with a 59$/barrel when you can hold a basket of us energy stocks that trade at 93$ barrel.

    XLE at this point I would rather wait to see if it can break above 80$ because if doesn’t it will be headed south.

  19. krystyna Says:

    Thank you Tawnny, I tried that too, found lot’s of different clubs etc but nothing about investing. May be I should explore Calgary,just 3 hours away, it is possible there could be more opportunities there.
    My gold mining investment sucks lately and I still can not put my finger on a sell button!

  20. Tawny Says:


    #19 – lots of people will try to give you advice on the gold mining. I suspect you have heavy losses. Finger should have been triggered long time ago. So, my first thoughts if it were me.

    How much lower can it go..? Upside longer term? Do I have benefit in tax loss selling? Do I have the courage to hold and wait for a comeback…. even if I have to wait til September? Could I put money form selling them to better use elsewhere?
    Just some questions I would be asking myself. Hope your money is in an ETF rather than individual stocks (shocks as I call them). Ultimately the decision is yours.

    Some think that commodities will break out (up) sooner or later this year. (Swanson for one)

  21. Paul Says:

    Could you look at entry #3 yesterday ?
    I took you up on your offer of help although it went to moderation so not sure whether you saw it.
    Understood if its too much. Thanks again. Always appreciative of the support received here.

  22. tony Says:


    I agree with Tawny about using google, for looking for a club that suits your style of investing. don’t forget even tho a company pays a dividend it doesn’t mean it will do as it pleases, It will follow a pattern like any other stock the only difference is that it it will pay you a dividend.

    am sure if you look into some websites you’ll find what makes a company a great dividend paying company. .

  23. Tawny Says:


    Quick search for you… brought this up

    Connect with these people and sites and if they don’t have what you w nt, ask them for it!

  24. krystyna Says:

    I read Swanson as well and I also think we are closer to bottom and they should break out this year. I was burned many times before just from switching , I am the type that was to hold and collect some income. I hold some ETF’s and “shocks”, but have to change juniors for bigger names with dividends. I thing we are very close to the correction in other markets and gold looks very oversold now.

  25. tony Says:


    I have long did just like you setwas scared of pushing the Sell button, saying its just 3% below where I wanted to sell out. 6% loss became 10% then turned into 30% loss and then decided it was time to sell as I could bare watch my loss turn to a 50% loss just to see it turn right after I sold.

    Since then I don’t set up mental stops that I trigger manually, I found out that I don’t have the nerves to sell when my trigger points come about. Now I setup automatic Virtual stop losses and I don’t play with them once setup. This has been more then beneficial to me as a BNP went from a 8% loss(as it gapped 2% below my stop loss to me to become someone elses 33%

    here is how you can and should condition yourself to accept loses.
    take the 6% loss if the company is so great 20% lower will be even better entry point. and if it drops another 6% well then something stinks.

    think of Nortel How many people did I hear with the same story it was worth 200$ when it was trading 100$, how many people saids it was a bargain at 80, how many have said it was a steal at 60, it was an increadible price at 20 you can’t get better then this at 5$…

    If it was such a good bargain Warren Buffet would have snatched it under of everyones noses for 10$. so valuation is worth 0 if the company is broken.

  26. Freddebuoy Says:

    Hi Tony, re stop losses.

    First, in your second paragraph in #25, did you mean “actual” rather than “virtual”?

    Second, my problem with stop losses is that I don’t think I have ever set one that wasn’t triggered. Then, more often than not, the equity starts back up. The pros know where the stop losses are set.

    I will often use them when I feel the price is about to tumble, then I set it up very tightly so that, if I’m wrong, I’m still in but if I’m right, I get taken out quite close to the high, or at least my target.

  27. Freddebuoy Says:

    Tony, do you use “trailing” stop losses?

  28. tony Says:


    Here if memory serves me right RET pays a dividend…
    problem with ret for the time being its in a bear market since 2011 while investors were losing money with ret others were making money in lulu but I am not recommanding to buy lulu at this time as I think it has just moved in bear territory as it broke below the 18MA.

    Ret seems to have found short term support at these levels If it can move toi 12 set up a virtual trailing stop at 11.8 just in case its a bear trap. if it breaks below 10.9 exit the trade and wait for it to move back above 11.10 to enter.

    SJR.B Its a keeper its trending north let it move if it breaks below the 18MA get out if it moves back after a small correction above the 18MA you can reenter the trade as long as it stays above the 18MA.

    Pennwest this trade looks as if it broke a triple bottom support. sao I would sell it here and wait for it to move above the 18MA (10.36) if the triple bottom did fail, we could easily see 9.2

  29. tony Says:


    I use virtual trailing stop but I have them set up at 6% below 18MA. but I will tweek it if price/1.06= a round number or slightly above it. for instance if the value turns out to be 21I or 21.10 I will set my stop at 20.89 it covers me from the beginners stop losses.

    I have heard someone in the past use between 1.5 and 2 x avg swing moves.

    take for instance it crossed at the end of jan above the 18MA 10.36 so 6% vtso would be set at 9.77 and price pulledback but never hit the trigger if you set it up a simple stop loss. having set as vtso you would have been kicked out around 10.24 so 12 cents lower then your purchase price, so 1000 shares would have you lose 120$ had it been a stop loss you’ld be down 360$ or an extra 240$

  30. still_learning Says:

    Hello all,

    Is anyone else having problems logging into their G&M WatchList?

    thanks Bernie

  31. tony Says:


    I forgot to mention since hit 2x the 50MA and pulled back the last time it came across the 50MA this was an ideal set up to set it up back to your 18MA as it was simple deduction that if they can’t make it thru why risk losing money when you can make 5$ on the trade every $ counts.

    you could then set up your stop underneath the lwest bar to hit resistance if you are wrong and are taken out you can always jump on board of the band wagon.

  32. Tawny Says:

    It may be time to consider jumping ship – urge you all to at least look at this information.

    Further to link in #12, I looked further into this Greedometer and found the source
    which brought me here

    which brought me here

    I watched the video – something wrong with the audio – for me anyway. Besides the video, there is much written information below it. I am going to subscribe.

  33. Tawny Says:

    Re #32 – subscriptions costs… will just watch blog.. :)

    May be some upside before the storm…

  34. Rami/AB Says:

    Hi all,
    Strange the S&P just went red in the last 10 minutes. I went into cash with very small loss on positions I took today. Does anyone have any explanation?
    I was about to buy HVU.TO again but chickened coz tomorow is job numbers.
    Would appreciate your input.

  35. tony Says:


    my indicators are negative for most of the markets, on a smaller time frame they were setup to open positive today and did just that, tomorrow they will open negatively. and don’t sweat it on the pre-markets only suckers get caught with that trade. and we are not sucjers its the first 30 min that you must cut out the noise after you will make money.

  36. tony Says:


    anoter company that was upgraded and opened high closed on the low.

    this is a bear set up in the making.

    come one sell off so we can gegt great deals…

  37. Rami/AB Says:

    You know I chatted with Eve yesterday and I was telling her that I feel we are going to reverse and go down again and the only thing that might change my mind is a break above 1530-1535 on the S&P and to be able to stay there. I feel its a trap being setup for people. Also Steve Whiteside seems to be bearish and Chris Ciovacco seems to be bearish too. I made good money of HVU. TO and UVXY the last couple of days and I was gonna buy HVU.To toward the end of the day but chickened because tomorow is the jobs numbers and Boy I feel someone knows something to send the market lower in the last half an hour.

  38. krystyna Says:

    Thank you Tawny and Tony. Yes, you right Tony , I don’t use stop losses and that is why I have big losses now. Mental stops don’t work for me. More and more I think I should take Trading Academy as you did Tony. I need to learn more discipline and other tricks, but I think I would have to go to Vancouver to take that course.

  39. Tawny Says:

    XLF, IWM, QQQ, FEZ, all ended the day below Tony’s (now famous?) 18 dma! so my smallish related bears are starting to look promising!

  40. Rami/AB Says:

    So you are bearish too???

  41. Rami/AB Says:

    I bet you tomorow would be a a great day to own VIX and ETF’s related to it

  42. Tawny Says:

    Rami – indeed I am. So you are now following Ciovacco tweets, too! I find these tweets excellent to keep me on track. RAmi, have a look at the Greedometer sites I posted above. Does not mean a crash is going to happen tomorrow or next week, but could be likely within a few months. I have been exploring the site and other videos about the past tops and bottoms.

    BTW, need to thank you on Cold FX… successfully fought off cold symptoms before they imploded (love that word)!

    Congrats on playing the VIX products… they scare the bejeebers out of me!

  43. Rami/AB Says:

    Thanks for the response. Yes I follow Ciovacco tweets to get a feel of the market. Also I follow Lin’s tweets coz she does really well.
    I was down around $5000 on UVXY but I knew it was going to go up any day and remained calm and got out with a really good profit. I also bought HVU and bought it very close to the right time and did really well also. And yes they r really scary monsters when they go against you but really sweet when they go in your way.
    Glad to hear Cold Fx working for you coz I find it works for me most of the time but the key is the timing of its use. Use it as soon as you feel you are getting the cold.
    I will try to buy some VIX tomorow early in the day if it goes up although its difficult to do anything in the morning with the kids before going to my work.

  44. Rami/AB Says:

    I will definitely take a look the site you suggested. Thanks.

  45. Tawny Says:


    NTR: I take the Cold FX when I feel exceptionally tired as for me that is a symptom that my body is fighting something. Just took 2 as that is the case today… extreme fatigue. I take it along with extra Vitamin C until I feel I am no longer at risk. No colds or flu this season. :)

  46. Rami/AB Says:

    Glad to hear its working for you.

  47. Martine Says:


    About the Greedometer, This is a very interesting read. It lines up with my thinking. We have to be patient. It just is a matter of time. Thanks for the info!

  48. Lisa Says:

    How about trying an investing club listed on Canadian Money Savers web share page?

  49. Pat Says:


    There was a club in Edmonton that might be very good for you if it’s still going. It was started and run by Calvert Lum. Someone else was elected to leading the group and I don’t remember who, and the link I found (as it was through the Canadian Money Saver) still shows Cal as the contact. There were people doing all levels of investing in this club, some very experienced people. Being a member gives you the opportunity to network with other members. It was $5 a month. They were meeting close to downtown. Although Cal may have backed away from active leadership, I am sure that you can use the mail for him if it is still working. He will help if he can. Or else, I found this group by asking a researcher at the library. The main branch and Whitemud Crossing.

  50. krystyna Says:

    Thank you Lisa and Pat, I appreciate your help.
    I just sent an email to Cal.

  51. Larry/ON Says:

    Tony – I got out of BCE and I started buying LB on the 26th near its low and early today. I think LB was off everyones radar and high volume buying finally showed up this afternoon after positive bank earnings came in on the other banks. What a great day. Thanks for making me hang in a little longer on my BCE. Its had a great run.

  52. Muntazir Says:

    Hi Rami,
    Nice to see your posts. If you get chance it would be nice to see your trades on hvu/uvxy although sometimes I read the posts late by a day/2. I might copy if I read on time & feel the same as you at that particular moment.
    Nice to see you are keeing in touch with Eve as well.
    Happy Jobs # trading Day

  53. Tawny Says:

    Last post… good night folks!

    Ciovacco twitter…

  54. Muntazir Says:

    Hi Tony,
    Being energy seasonality I was looking at CND energy stocks & used your famouus 18dma & was surprised to see following above:cnq,cve,bnp??, xeg,key,imo, cpg & tou
    & following below:su,bad,bte,nko,gei,tcw(last time was above),eca,hou.
    Thats a whole days work in minutes.No wonder you are able to answer so many questions correctly. Keep up the good work & enlighten people like me.

  55. rick Says:

    Rami , where did you find that tomorrow is the jobs number ?

    Yahoo finance is saying that next Friday not tomorrow

  56. tony Says:


    I learned by reading the lessons from sam sedein(trading academy), market club, FastMoney helped me understand what options were, and some technical gurus like Don…

    I know some classes are expensive they can run between 1K and 2K, but as I said try to see since your friend Nadia took the class in montreal… good news I just learned from my wife that you can get the same class for free if you become a member of the fxcm platform…to set up an account its only 1K but its your money that you keep to invest in commodities and fx . search for fxcm metatrader

  57. tony Says:

    since my yougest woke me up at 4am I done for the night.

  58. Rami/AB Says:

    Sorry my mistake you are right the jobs number is next week.
    I don’t know why I thought its this week. Sorry again.

  59. Rami/AB Says:

    I will try to post my trades but please I am not the best trader and I hate to see people loosing money because of me. I did lose a lot of money in 2011 but I am making back some of my losses. 2012 was ok but not so good. 2013 I am doing very well so far and if I continue on the same path I think it will be a great year. I think 2011 shocked me because of the huge losses I had and because there was a lot of personal problems that I had that year so I think it took me time to recover. So I will try to post some of my trades but please do your own research and maybe ask the guys who are more experienced than me like Tony, Eve and others. Anyway it great to hear from you.

  60. Rami/AB Says:

    I also live in Edmonton and if you find any good trading clubs in Edmonton then please let me know.

  61. Rami/AB Says:

    Neil AB also lives in Edmonton and he might know if there is any trading/investing clubs here in Edmonton.
    Neil AB how was the free presentation that you attended with Larry Berman?
    would love to hear your comment.

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