Tech Talk for Thursday February 13th 2014

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Pre-opening Comments for Thursday February 13th

U.S. equity index futures were lower this morning. S&P 500 futures were down 13 points in pre-opening trade

Index futures moved lower following release of economic news at 8:30 AM EST. Consensus for Weekly Jobless claims was 330,000 versus 331,000 last week. Actual was 339,000. Consensus for January Retail Sales was unchanged versus a revised decline of 0.1% in December. Actual was a drop of 0.4%. Ex Auto Sales, consensus for January Retail Sales was an increase of 0.1%. Actual was unchanged.

Time Warner Cable jumped $12.45 to $147.76 on news that Comcast officially will make an offer to purchase the company on a share exchange at $158.82 per share. Value of the offer is estimated at $45.2 billion.

Agnico-Eagle fell $0.28 to $32.60 after BMO Capital downgraded the stock from Outperform to Market Perform. Target is $36.

NVIDIA gained $0.50 to $17.33 after B. Riley upgraded the stock from Neutral to Buy. Target was increased from $14 to $21.’s Daily Market Letter

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Don Vialoux on BNN’s “Market Call Tonight” Yesterday

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Interesting Charts

Crude oil and its related ETFs reached a four month high.


Seasonality in the Semi-conductor sector continues to work.



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Disclaimer: Comments, charts and opinions offered in this report at and are for information only. They should not be considered as advice to purchase or to sell mentioned securities. Data offered in this report is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. Don and Jon Vialoux are Research Analysts with Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. All of the views expressed herein are the personal views of the authors and are not necessarily the views of Horizons Investment Management (Canada) Inc., although any of the recommendations found herein may be reflected in positions or transactions in the various client portfolios managed by Horizons Investment Management (Canada) Inc.

Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF HAC February 12th 2014


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61 Responses to “Tech Talk for Thursday February 13th 2014”

  1. Tawny Says:


    I sold Goldcorp a little too fast but ok as I bought – seems fundamentals trump T.A. also moving up on earnings results and I caught the train…. baby steps.

  2. Ron/AB Says:


    RE #1

    Fundamentals are important, but I would argue that T.A. encompasses fundamentals since it reflects the charts which reflects what investors (mainly institutional) are doing if you look over time (not intraday).

    In December, I believe I heard that RKN was a buy/hold but it looked over bought to me. Take a look at in comparison. I bought in Dec and sold in Jan when negative divergence with the RSI(8) appeared and because the teck sector takes a break at the end of January.

  3. Ron/AB Says:



    I meant to add that RKN looked more like a short term buy now (yesterday) on a technical basis but is counter trend. One can see the positive divergence on the chart that indicated the short term buy. The MACD would have to cross for me before it’s a medium term hold.

  4. Tawny Says:


    I do not argue the value of T.A. at all… I use it and I am mostly a short-term trader these days – have to say that my very short term swing trading account is out-performing my other accounts very handily. But, when earnings come out – fundamental – the price moves accordingly and trumps and moves the T.A. chart accordingly. That’s all I mean. Earnings really are the major factor in price stock… I do believe… you can correct me if I am wrong. But every time I see excellent earning reports come out the stock moves up accordingly and vice versa. Not always profits but the whole outlook in the report.

    Yellow Media is being duly punished.

  5. Tawny Says:


    BTW re HCG – I was stopped out on 24 Jan when price slipped below the 50dma… at a small loss… recouping now.

  6. FishFat Says:

    Interesting link yesterday to Stockchase. Thanks for that.

  7. Ron/AB Says:


    Re 4

    Good to hear about your trading account doing well. You have talked about 5i quite a bit so I wasn’t sure if you had turned into a “fundamentalist”. I partially agree re. earnings. I think if analysts like Peter H. believe earnings are going to be good, the stock price will move up (as money managers listen to their analysts on their team). But often the stock price move is ahead of the earnings report and by the time the report comes out, the stock is fully valued. Often their is a sell on news situation because of this. Basically, no one system works. We all need a bit of luck as well. Cheers.

  8. FishFat Says:

    Tawny, I think it was the correct decision to sell Goldcorp if you sold it yesterday or the day before that. The US chart (GG) where the large volumes trade, is bumping up against a downward sloping trendline with overhead resistance is not far above.

  9. Tawny Says:

    #7 – Oh yes, luck helps a great deal. HCG according to 5i was probably oversold – selling due to huge profits for those “lucky” holders last year.
    RKN not such happy results… I mostly trade with T.A. I like to combine 5i Research along with my T.A. and I can see it works better if I do that. Stocks I have let sit – have slid! But, following very good earnings has worked for me.

    FishFat – I sold a little Goldcorp over the last couple of days and again sold this morning a little too soon. Doesn’t matter as I am happy with the replacement. No news yet for WFT. ??

  10. Tawny Says:

    Reason for concern? In spite of markets being up – so is VIX and so are bonds ??

  11. Ron/AB Says:

    Re #10

    I’m seeing some red on my watchlists despite the markets being up. I sense some weakness coming. Jon V’s comments today regarding the markets ahead of the long weekend was interesting and maybe he’s right. Not too anxious to buy anything.

  12. Tawny Says:

    Oh, thanks for that… I did not know about the weekend – but I have had an odd sense of concern the last couple of days – in some cash… and may take some profits today. Full moon tomorrow! HCG is stabilizing a little… was going parabolic!

  13. Ranger Says:

    well, as i type this markets are

    stocks are up – spx 0.17%, djia – 0.07%
    bonds are barely up – tlt, ief, tlh @ 0.4% vs. tnx – down 0.6%
    uup down 0.46%
    jpy slightly weak vs. usd, usd/jpy – the one that has been dictating spx moves recently
    vix – down 0.35%, vxv down 0.19%
    oil, copper, gold, uso up 0.22%, jjc down 0.61, gld up 0.50

    don’t ask how to make money off this

  14. Ranger Says:

    apologies, board… forgot about the moon cycle
    i will try making up for it by posting this link

  15. tony Says:


    you were right on HCG I just said it hade to cross above the 50 for it to change direction and it did. so this should mean more profits for holders of it.

  16. Ron/AB Says:

    Re #13

    That sums it up! Good time to look for new buys on weakness (and watch the Olympics – Canada vs Norway in men’s hockey).

  17. Tawny Says:


    #13 – some individual stocks are making money – at least short term..:)
    Almost time to buy VXX – soon.

  18. Ranger Says:

    ron/ab –
    thanks for the reminder on the hockey.
    let’s hope we don’t get any hick-ups like luge this year.
    go Canada go!

    tawny –
    yep, this year seem to be the one for selective stocks rather than the markets overall.
    guess, what?
    i’m already in tvix and uvxy and – hold on, early as usual :(
    was all green at today’s gap down but not anymore. fun fun fun.

    after putting higher lows for past many many months first time spx has made a lower low
    and now possibly trying to form right side shoulder?
    will watch.
    okay back to hockey.

  19. Tawny Says:


    Re: , I was not holding it, but was prepared to pounce this morning when I saw earnings last night. Holding it in my extreme trading account so I may sell it today and buy it back in another account for a longer hold. Stock split – should do well.

  20. Tawny Says:

    Who is it that talked so much about I have it on my watch list but do not own. – up 4.2% no news, above avg volume

  21. Tawny Says:

    Re#14 – I will actually look more at the moon link – many believe in trading by the light of the silvery moon – including Whiteside. When I saw the “lunatic” name I thought you were posting something facetious! As Martin Armstrong says – everything is connected – and I really think we are connected to the moon – what is the earth without the moon? Thanks for that post.

    Olympics – I am so very proud to see our Athletes do so very well.

  22. WLM Says:

    Overall, the near termed picture is bullish…

  23. CanJan77 Says:

    OTC.TO jumping today!

  24. Ron/BC Says:

    The Junior Gold Stock ETF:GDXJ is at resistance which is the Oct high for a double top. Also note above the GDXJ:GDX ratio chart that show the Junior Gold stocks relative to the Senior Gold stocks. Nice falling channel over the last few years to watch. Price is presently nearing the upper channel line resistance. One can actually put on a spread trade with these ratio charts which once a channel line is touched you would buy one and sell the other regardless of where the prices went. Nice not having to figure direction on a trade.

  25. Ron/BC Says:

    Nice breakout on SLW over the major downtrendline. Price is presently outperforming Gold as well as Silver but not GDX yet. Price is getting overbought and typically what occurs after a breakout is after a nice bounce up caused by short covering and fresh buying a pullback to the breakout point occurs for a buy point.

  26. Ron/AB Says: on fire today and for the last week. It’s approaching some resistance at 3.71 and similar to the some goldstock charts like Ron/BC has shown.

  27. Tawny Says:


    OTC was in discussion from early morning…. started last night actually.
    BTW I jumped on your GTAT train yesterday and sold too early this morning.
    In fact I have taken profits on a few stocks too early today. Have to keep telling myself, better too soon than to late. sigh.

  28. CanJan77 Says:

    #27 – Tawny

    Sold GTAT last night too early also tracking it today and calculating what I left on the table. Trying to learn those same lessons, but you know what they say about “OLD” dogs LOL!!!

  29. Tawny Says:


    I think we old dogs are learning just fine … think where you were with T.A. and trading a couple of years ago – we’ve come a long way baby! The charts did not tell me to sell… au contraire mon ami … I can be a nervous ninny… especially in my extreme trading account… grab profits – no losses allowed!

  30. Tawny Says:


    P.S. I think I will hold my OTC until the chart really does say sell for my short term profits.

  31. Tawny Says:


    #30.. Oh my, going too fast, I meant HCG not OTC which I already did sell too fast today!

  32. Rol Lew Says:

    CJ – If you read up a bit on gtat, on seeking alpha, or on their web site,
    maybe you will want to hold on to just a “few” shares, just in case it goes
    to some ridiculous price, if & when they ever start supplying glass to aapl.
    Look at the short interest too, i.e., many people doubt that they will succeed.

  33. Ron/AB Says:


    If you have the time, could I get your T.A. for It has pulled back but I can’t get a good read on it. The seasonals are a bit sloppy now but quite positive till May.

  34. Ron/BC Says:

    Despite a very strong price rally a huge negative is the very weak volume on the $SPX ETF:SPY.Price even cleared the 181 resistance area which is very strong and now that old resistance must hold as support and so far is accomplishing that. But the very weak volume does make you wonder just who’s trading this on the upside.

  35. CanJan77 Says:


    No cash on the side to get back into GTAT or would be considering that between now and closing!

    Holding OTC.TO for now, but I agree with you Tawny that grabbing the profits where they are and then NOT looking back at the shoulda coulda’s is a happier way to go, and I find, more profitable, because you just keep growing the pot and putting the $$ to work on the next “BUY” signal.

  36. Ron/BC Says:


    Nice looking chart for a TSX chart. Nice uptrend from October. You can see solid price resistance at the $23 mark. Price blew through there in January to over $25 and typically pulled back again. Notice though it pulled back to the December high support which is a just a bit lower than the horizontal line support around $23. No big deal as the Dec high is solid support that has been already successfully tested multiple times this month already. That 22.50 area is the line in the sand that you don’t want to see price close below.It is also the buy point as well with a stop on a solid close below it. Looks like a nice chart to trade. And here I didn’t think the TSX made nice charts anymore,lol……….

  37. steve Says:

    Tawny re #20
    It may have been Fish fat.

  38. Ron/AB Says:

    Re #36

    Much appreciated! The low number of good TSX charts makes them easier to find:) Thanks.

  39. Ron/AB Says:


    OK now that there market has closed, I have a little more time. Check out as well (a similar chart to CCO). The volume is decent on these as well, unlike many of the stocks that are advancing today.

  40. Tawny Says:


    Re#34… much appreciate your input… I am not quite trusting this rally which is why I have been selling even if too soon. XIV has been pretty much flat and TLT is up.
    Something just doesn’t feel right to me… do not want to upset any apple carts here but since you brought up the weak volumes and of course stockcharts comments today. I have plugged the mentioned defensive ETFs into my watch lists.

    I have also been making some cash available. Ron, I believe you are in cash now and it is very kind of you to be assisting everyone even tho you are not in the market. Thanks. BTW, can I ask, where do you place your cash? Money Market?

  41. Ron/BC Says:

    Ron/AB Price is actually in better shape on this chart. Note price has re-cleared the 1st correction low after the breakout rally in January before the double top. It did pullback to price support of 1.35 but has also re-cleared that 1.45 resistance area so is in better shape. Not the end of the world if it doesn’t hold but is a positive.Most important now to hold the 1.30 area and the uptrendline especially. Note the RSI 21 has been above the 50 line since November which is also a positive. This rally back from support lacks volume like the entire market does. Makes you wonder who’s trading. I suspect it’s not smart money. But so far there are some great price charts out there. Somehow I just feel despite their good looks they are like gophers poking their heads above the ground just before you hear KABOOOM………..

  42. Freddebuoy Says:

    Tawny, re WFT, your comments yesterday – yes, I’m still holding through earnings and I don’t know how they fared. I get little time before a computer anymore fro family reasons so I have become a long(er) term investor.

    WFT’s weekly chart – the chart to watch if you look longer term – still looks good with the longer term momentum indicators in the right direction. Some sign of caution however (note Stoch and RSI 8 dropping below overbought levels.

  43. Ron/BC Says:


    Well my major trading account is within my RRSP which is restrictive but I’m not forced to do things with it every year like most accounts. Just can’t short or buy uncovered puts which is a shame. But there are inverse ETFs to trade so can’t complain much. I’d like to be able to do spread trades as they are far easier to make money on than straight trades are, as you only need to be 1/2 right most of the time. So I just keep the RRSP account which is my largest cash holdings in U.S.$ and get nothing in interest. Wish I could sneak my cash out of my RRSP account,lol. So what I do to make up for that is find ways to cut costs and get deals. Amazing how far your money can go when you look for good deals. Lots of ways to skin the cat it seems.

    A lady I just started dating is a retired accountant and business whiz kid (besides gorgeous) and she mentioned she gets 3% and 3.1% somewhere on cash just sitting there. Don’t know where she does this but should find out. But as long as my major account is in an RRSP I guess I am restricted to what I can buy. But one has to compare what they are getting in return ‘trading’ compared to a ‘guaranteed’ return of 3%. You have to ask yourself is making 4% or 5% worth risking your hard earned money for just 1% or 2% more when you can get over 3% guaranteed. The answer is no of course. Too many people ignore risk. Seems odd for Canadians to be so complacent to risk as we are known to be a conservative sensible society as well as ‘thrifty’. But things have changed with everything it seems as Canadians are now heavily in debt even when measured without mortgages. And that includes people retired or reaching retirement. And they are getting even deeper in debt. Never thought I’d see that happen in this country.

  44. Tawny Says:


    I am so sorry you are experiencing family difficulties… I know this is a challenge.
    You may have been wise to hold as earnings just came out at $1.37 and the expectation was $0.96 – so should play out well tomorrow. Of course I may have misinterpreted something…

  45. Tawny Says:


    RBC has a US$ “savings account” which I used to park money in but have been mostly invested for some time and not using it. No charge to move money in and out of the account to invest. It pays very little but better than nothing. I should think your bank does too. Anyway perhaps putting money in the defensive ETFs as I mentioned earlier is not a bad move. Or TLT perhaps?

    You can take money out of your RRSP as long as you are willing to pay taxes on it… after all we saved on taxes putting the money in during high earnings years. Sooner or later this has to happen.. but you know all that.

    So you are dating a good looking lady with brains too! I’ll be darned. (People used to say of me – “not just a pretty face.”) LOL Perhaps your lady is even blonde, ergo dumb blonde. (There are some very, very smart, dumb blondes out there – like my “gifted” lawyer buddy.) So much stereo-typing. You were telling me your views on women you have been dating… which appear to not be necessarily your own age. I can only wonder what the women may be saying about their dating experiences.??? Nothing meant by any of this – just wondering.

    It seems to me, everyone is spending way too much money these days, Ron. Have to have everything. Two (or more) cars, each and every new gadget and the latest in fashions and on-and-on. Consumerism is over-consumptive! And, everyone is exhausted… trying to satisfy the many wants for themselves and/or their children. Then you get to a certain age and you just want to get rid of it all. Life cycles…. what a hoot.

    I think the fifties where people just were happy with the basics was the best… except for the threat of extinction by explosion! Mustn’t forget that. Oh my… gotta make dinner. Hope my blabbering is somewhat coherent.

    Oh, by the way – I know you are not in debt Ron for you have told us so. Please spend some money and make yourself happy because you cannot take it with you when you depart!

  46. Mick/nv Says:


    To get a 3% return you would probably need to lock your cash into a 4 or 5 year gic, safe, but tough being in cash during a bull market.

  47. Hniel Says:

    NTR. Ron/BC. Don’t forget, tomorrow is Valentine’s day so just a heads up. Good luck and always interesting reading your adventures. My wife should be home tomorrow after being in TO for a few days helping our daughter and grandson who’s had a nasty cold but I did manage to buy her some flowers and card…signed by our two papillons of course as they are more important than I. Have a good evening. Hniel/Kingston

  48. Ron/BC Says:

    No this lady said “cash” just sitting there. Unfortunately it was in Canadian dollars like most Canadians do. I’ve been doing just fine in U.S.$ along with high odds, quick trades and back into All this talk about bull markets I’ve dealt with since the 70’s and I haven’t met anyone yet that doesn’t have horror stories on their “bottom line”. As a contractor for over 34 years I always talked to my customers about trading and financial matters as most of them had more money and assets than I had. So between their stories and retired brokers stories and my own experiences I have a good idea of what most people’s long term bottom line is with their stock and commodity trading. Long term charts of the markets tell the story well. And historically people did not buy those lows and sell those highs despite what they said. In fact quite the opposite occurred. But to each their own and keeping what you have is still Job #1 with everyone.

  49. Ron/BC Says:

    Tawny NTR

    Yes this lady is a gorgeous blonde & financial wizard & entrepreneur and loves to talk financial stuff. Nice to go out with someone who loves markets and charts. Lots to talk about. When she 1st contacted me I thought it must be an error,lol. But we’ll see how it goes. You have to realize that in Victoria said Victoria was the romantic capital of Canada with their romantic book sales. And then the news anchor said they were calling Victoria Chicktoria because there are 12,000 more unattached women than men. So it’s a good place to be if you’re a man and looking for a date. I have been surprised at the response on a dating site. At least online you can just delete the ones that contact you that don’t look good or have a profile you don’t like without dating them. Good thing too…….

  50. Tawny Says:


    NTR: Just as I close the computer… I hope your connection continues to please – it must be very nice for you to be in the company of someone who shares some common interests. Ron, women do like to be wooed… so if you like her, spoil her a little – that is what your saved up bucks are for… not over-board, but if you like her, well, you get the idea. I read long ago that women want to feel cherished, men to feel appreciated.

    All those extra women in Victoria are likely widows! So many people retire there and we know which sex has the longevity. So, if I end up there and become single again, I don’t have much hope… oh well!

  51. Mick/nv Says:


    i agree that unless you are incredibly lucky you will never buy the bottom or sell the top, i see that on tv all the time , someone drawing a line from the bottom to the top, indicating how well that security performed.
    Maybe let us know where one can get 3% just sitting with cash, not that I have any, still would be nice to have that info.

    I assume you will be going to the StockCharts gathering in Seattle that will feature Alex Elder and Martin Pring?

  52. FishFat Says:

    Tawny, re: #20
    I recommended (RMP Energy) back on Jan 17th, post #7. I copied my notes below. But, someone else (I think maybe Ken/AB also highlighted it like a year ago, or something).

    FishFat Says:
    January 17th, 2014 at 1:39 pm (RMP Energy)

    The price has bounced off support this morning on strong volume. The RSI is rising off the 30-level. And the MACD is set to make a positive cross of the signal line. All positive signals.

    Now consider this TD Waterhouse quote from earlier this week:
    Tuesday 14-Jan-2013: “CIBC ups target of Raging River Exploration (RRX) to
    C$8.25 from C$7 and RMP Energy Inc (RMP) to $7.25 from $5.40, expects
    exceptional production and cash flow growth from the companies while maintaining
    positive balance sheets.”


  53. Ron/BC Says:


    I’ll ask her. I talked to a well known realtor here some time ago that put on some seminar on real estate here. He casually mentioned he could get a lot better rate on cash than the financial institutions were offering the public and laughed. And he was talking cash not locked in money as he was wanting to sell everyone a condo or something or another so didn’t want anyone to lock their money up. But I never list my house with him or any other business with him but perhaps I’ll call him and see what he has to say.

    As far as those Stockchart parties go I just can’t see paying them $500 or so to tell me how to use their software. Doesn’t make any sense. You can give us that info for free,lol………. But yes it would be nice to listen to Elder and Pring for sure. But I don’t have confidence you’d get that much out of it as everything is timed and on schedule. I bought the taped version for $90 long ago which wasn’t a DVD at all but just a CD with a fixed picture on the screen. Not impressed with it without the visual part. But it is something to think about. If I recall the lady said something about a credit union in Manitoba but not sure. I’ll have to ask her specifics. I’m seeing her Saturday for a long walk. Maybe I’ll bring my note book,lol……….

  54. Rol Lew Says:

    “Norbert Gambit” $CAD to $USD
    (minus the outrageous, unconscionable bank fx conversion charges)

    It really burns my assets to see big bank brokers
    so abuse their customers. Happens every day.

    ” ”
    July 29, 2011 at 10:31 am


    You must keep it both the same. If you buy 1000shares RIM in TSE, you need to short 1000shares RIMM in NASDQ. Since the stock price of both TSE/NASD is exactly the same after exchange rate, when you short(sold) 1000shares on NASD, you get 1000share * Price in USD. So you just got that much US dollars without going thru the bank, the only thing is you cannot sell your TSE RIM shares UNTIL you buy back the shorted(sold) shares or else you put yourself at risk on the Shorted side.

    If you still don’t understand, then you don’t really need to use gambit, or shouldn’t!! Not worth your risk, just do a straight exchange and pay the fees. ” ”

  55. StagDeflation Says:

    Don on marketcall said that yesterday was July 12th.
    I give up on seasonality ……

  56. Ana Says:

    Can anyone help with this?

    I seem to get into trouble when indicators are embedded on my charts, usually on stochastics and rsi. Does anyone know of what to look for to look for if to indicate if something is staying overbought or oversold? Is the volume the only other indicator to look at?

  57. Ana Says:

    I guess I really want “to look for” a solution, because I repeated this twice! 😀 Maybe too tired to trade.

  58. Ana Says:


    Have you ever attended a StockChart seminar? I would like to hear how educational the seminar weekends are.

    Maybe someone else can comments if they have attended.

    ChartCon 2014 certainly sounds interesting!

  59. Ron/BC Says:


    So you wish to look at just a straight price chart with no momentum indicators? And at the same time you want to know if price is overbought or oversold? The price chart would then be depending on uptrendlines and downtrendlines mainly. A very sharp trendline up or down would suggest an oversold market as soon as price stopped moving sharply in the same direction and then broke its uptrendline or downtrendline on a reversal. That would likely coincide with a stochastic or RSI indicator bouncing off very overbought or very oversold area and reversing without having to have them on the chart. Sharp strong pronounced moves in one direction are unsustainable and collapse at some point. So the steep trendlines will tell you when a reversal is at hand most of the time. The price chart is always the most important thing to watch. Up until people had computers there were no momentum indicators to use. I used to get mailed Daily charts at the end of the week and have to update them with saved newspaper data from the financial pages and draw in the ‘bars’ carefully each day. If the paper didn’t come on a day I would become completely unglued,lol. So momentum indicators were not needed at all. Price is king and always will be. Price action is what to watch mainly and support and resistance is what we trade off of even with intra day charts. Look at a 15 minute chart of GDX and see the recent pullback right back to that recent high and then take off like a jackrabbit. Didn’t really matter much what the indicators were saying really. Doesn’t mean they can’t be used for trading as they can be all the time but price is always the main thing to watch.

  60. Ana Says:


    I read that article on the most romantic cities in Canada, as well. Edmonton is number nine! Probably because it is so cold here, people are just trying to get warm!!!

    I think everyone will enjoy reading this!

  61. Ana Says:


    Thank you for the explanation. (You type really fast!) I do not imagine you had a keyboard when you were in the construction industry so how did you become so proficient?

    Well, when I was trading today, I had trouble with reading the embedded stochastics. From 1:20 pm est to 2:15 pm est the stochastics were embedded.

    I have the same difficulty when is running really fast. I sometimes can not tell when it is time to let it run or cash out. Am I the only one with this problem?

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