Tech Talk for Thursday November 30th 2017

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Pre-opening Comments for Thursday November 30th

U.S. equity index futures were higher this morning. S&P 500 futures were up 8 points in pre-opening trade. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is slated to open above the 24,000 level for the first time in history.

Index futures were virtually unchanged following release of economic data at 8:30 AM EST. Consensus for Weekly Jobless Claims was 237,000 versus 239,000 last week. Actual was 238,000. Consensus for October Personal Income was an increase of 0.3% versus a gain of 0.4% in September. Actual was an increase of 0.4%. Consensus for October Personal Spending was an increase of 0.2% versus a revised gain of 0.9% in September. Actual was an increase of 0.3%.

Crude Oil gained $0.48 to $57.78 per barrel prior to news from OPEC about their agreed quotas.

Commerce Bank (CM $114.80) is expected to open higher after reporting higher than consensus fiscal fourth quarter earnings.

Toronto Dominion (TD $75.05) is expected to open lower after reporting slightly lower than consensus fiscal fourth quarter earnings.

Gap Stores dropped $1.09 to $31.41 after Citigroup downgraded the stock to Sell from Neutral.

Amazon added $10.73 to $1,172.00 after MKM Partners raised its target price to $1350 from $1275.

Facebook gained $1.06 to $176.19 after MKM Partners raised its target price to $240 from $200.

Costco added $3.47 to $181.00 after reporting higher than consensus November sales.

Kroger jumped $2.42 $26.80 after reporting higher than consensus third quarter sales and earnings.

EquityClock’s Daily Market Comment

Following is a link:

Note seasonality charts on the Technology sector, PHLX Semiconductor Index, Commercial & Industrial Loans, Crude Oil days of Supply, Gasoline days of Supply and Crude Oil.


Huge rotation yesterday! S&P Financial, Industrial, Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary soared. Technology and Base Metals virtually collapsed. FAANG stocks led Technology on the downside. Apple completed a double top pattern on a move below $168.38.



StockTwits Released Yesterday @EquityClock

Technical action by S&P 500 stocks to 10:15: Bullish. 33 stocks broke resistance. 3 stocks broke support.

Financials notable on list of S&P breakouts:$AMG $AMP $AXP $BAC $C $FITB $HBAN $JPM $KEY $CFG $MS $NTRS $PBCT $SPGI $PRU $STI

Financial SPDRs $XLF moved above $26.93 to all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Regional banking ETF $KRE moved above $59.05 to all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


U.S. Healthcare Providers iShares $IHF moved above $151,14 to all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend


Magna International $MG.CA, a TSX 60 stock moved above $70.94 to all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Canadian National Railway $CNR.CA, a TSX 60 stock moved below $97.54 completing a double top pattern.


Base Metals ETN $DBB moved below $18.21 extending an intermediate downtrend.


Southern Copper $SCCO, world’s largest copper producer moved below $41.87 completing a Head & Shoulders pattern.


Editor’s Note: Canadian copper producer stocks also were hit (e.g. FM LUN)



Facebook $FB moved below support at $176.40 changing trend.


Netflix $NFLX moved below $189.50 extending an intermediate downtrend.


Semiconductor ETFs $SMH $SOXX moved below support changing trend.


Technology stocks breaking support this morning: $ADSK $AMAT $ADBE $MCHP $V $WDC $FB $NVDA


Coffee ETN $JO moved above $16.57 completing a base building pattern.


‘Tis the season for strength in coffee into spring $JO


Industrial SPDRs $XlI moved above $73.20 to all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Pronounced decline in level of gasoline supplied results in a sizable jump in days of supply. $UGA $RB_F $USO #OIL


Consumer and Capital Goods Exports show very rare declines in October, raising concerns re: year-end spending $STUDY



Trader’s Corner

Daily Seasonal/Technical Equity Trends for November 29th 2017


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

Daily Seasonal/Technical Commodities Trends for November 29th 2017


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

* Excludes adjustment from rollover of futures contracts

Daily Seasonal/Technical Sector Trends for November 29th 2017


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day


Keith Richards’ Blog

Bitcoin bit overbought. Following is a link:



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S&P 500 Momentum Barometer

The Barometer added another 4.60 to 76.00 yesterday. It remains intermediate overbought.



TSX Momentum Barometer

The Barometer dropped another 3.33 to 52.08 yesterday. It remains intermediate overbought and trending down.



Disclaimer: Seasonality and technical ratings offered in this report and at are for information only. They should not be considered as advice to purchase or to sell mentioned securities. Data offered in this report is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed


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52 Responses to “Tech Talk for Thursday November 30th 2017”

  1. rick Says:

    Bernie ,

    Are you planning to sell in spring or keep it for long time ?

    I am asking just because many times in the past I sold something and after that it continues to go up .
    I bought NIKKEI in US $ at 13500 ,sold at 15.000 ( happy ) and now is 22.500 ( !? )

    MDY = US midcap etf

    11 % per year with dividends re-invested
    10 % per year without dividends
    better than spy
    so long term Could be a good investment too

    Last year NRG said something interesting that I like :
    Timing the market is important but “time in the market” is important too !

    A strictly theoretically story :
    ” A gentleman bought a house with 150.000 in 1980,
    now the house is 1.500.000
    A big correction = 33 % down .
    The price dropped to 1.000.000 from 1.500.000
    Do you think he cares ? or sell in panic ? “

  2. rick Says:

    Bernie ,

    Look at the average annual total return :
    SPY = 8,93 %
    MDY = 11,08 %
    the difference = 2,15 %

    lets suppose that 1995 an investor have 2 options ;
    1. Buy MDY with 0,25 % MER
    2. Buy a mutual fund who invest in S&P 400 midcap with 0,25+2,15= 2,40 % MER
    (in 1995 I am sure there were mutual funds with 2,5 % MER , not in 2017 I hope )

    After 22 years ,
    option 1 = 0,25 % MER = 104.080 $
    option 2 = 2,40 % MER = 67.318 $
    The difference 104.080-67.318 = 36.762 $ more
    option 1 = 55 % more than option 2

    Conclusion : better buy an ETF with low MER than a mutual fund with high MER
    55 % more is huge

    Now do the same calculation but with = lets say a difference of 25 % in MER : investing in RRSP or TFSA ( without paying a 25 % tax on capital gains to the government ) comparative with investing in a non registered account where an investor will pay 25 % tax on capital gains to the government.

    The difference in total return is absolutely huge in 22 years .
    Probably the government does not want investors to be financially independent ? want to keep them poor and pay them OAS and GIS and remember them to vote with the party xxx ?

    The government should make TFSA 55.000 $ not 5.500 $ ( or even unlimited )
    capital gains tax is only 2 % from total government budget
    And that 2 % in their budget is the difference between rich retired investors and poor retired investors .

  3. bruce Says:

    tnx for the late night Armstrong update……..much appreciated……

  4. rick Says:

    TFSA = ISA in Great Britain

    Limits for ISA :

    1 GB Pound = 1,7 CAD

    so the limit for ISA is = 20.000 GBP * 1,7 = 34.000 CAD

    Junior ISA limit is 4128 GBP * 1,7 = 7.017 CAD

    Junior ISA is for kids (0-18 age )

    Conclusion = a kid in Great Britain can invest for retirement more than an adult in Canada !!!

    Canadian politicians are ….

  5. Bernie Says:


    Re: #1 & #2
    I purchased XMC.TO strictly for the seasonal play (Nov to May). I prefer more passive (easy-peasey) rather than watching the chart all the time. I’m may consider a trailing stop (10%?) but have never had one before. Can they be done with odd lot sizes? Its in $CAD, which I prefer to invest in. The 0.16% MER is nice and also lower than MDY’s 0.25% but I don’t concern myself with MER’s, I’m more performance driven than fee driven when it comes to capital strategies. Its funny you mention high fees because I really like Sentry Small/Mid Cap Income Fund (NCE721) which has a 2.44% MER. Even after fees and expenses its outperformed MDY over 10 years not counting exchange rates. MDY has done better though in recent years so I went with XMC.TO which is very similar but in $CAD. I went with NCE721 last year.

  6. tony Says:


    was to young in 1980
    if he bought the house in 1980 with the high interest rates and the bear market i’m sure by 1982 his house was worth 100k and he was not to happy with his investment at the time.

    in 1990 people I know bought a house and by 1992 they had to sell because they couldn’t afford it because the spouse lost his job, they ended up losing money they invested on the house plus the capital.

  7. Ron/BC Says: is selling off to its February/October highs around $81 breakout point. I’m sure everyone can find the ‘story’ about the selloff out there. The other major CD banks are also pulling back.

  8. Ron/BC Says:

    Here is a chart of your with the Russel Mid Cap ETF:IWS overlaid in Gray and the S&P Mid Cap ETF:MDY in pink along with the TQQQ overlaid in Orange. Like most $TSX ETFS like this the volume is almost non existent. Don’t know how anyone could get in and out of this ETF easily. But in any case your is doing well and just just now breaking out above its double top of $18.20 closing price.

  9. Mick/NV Says: has dropped below the s1 pivot point support this morning, not sure the reason but it does look like it may head lower. The stock is up an ok 12% ytd, ahead of the tsx but behind its peer, which is up 17%. Have owned cnr for quite some time, would like to add more, if price drops below the $99 level I think it would be a good entry point. Yields around 1.5% but the dividend has increased each year for the past 21, steady performer.

  10. Bernie Says:


    Re: #8
    Thanks for the chart! Hopefully the breakout holds and the seasonality works out. Statistically the odds for success have been good.

  11. Bernie Says:


    Re: #5
    I should clarify with respect to MERs. I do pay more attention IF the holdings of the compared funds/ETFs are the same or similar. In most cases they are not as few managed funds are similar to indexes.

  12. roy Says:

    Anyone here have thoughts on Lithium stocks?

  13. Ron/BC Says:

    My only concern other than the low volume for entry and exit was there is a negative divergence on the RSI 8 and other oscillators at this new high/ breakout price above $18.20. That just means there is a loss of momentum not confirming the new high. Note previous times this occurred by the red lines across the RSI lower highs when price was higher. But the most important factor is always “price” as price is king. Regardless the trend is up from its September low and looking good. Always a good thing to see price clear a double top. The breakout can be just short covering so staying above the breakout is critical to clear the shorts out and establish a new support level.
    The $TSX has always driven me crazy with low volume and a lack of selection or both. What I’d love to see is a U.S.$ AND a CD$ ETF on the $TSX. Like just how difficult would that be! By the way I got two par 3’s yesterday. Am improving on the chipping game ‘most’ of the time without the ball soaring straight across the green,lol. Have corrected the slicing ‘most’ of the time too. Those U-Tube videos are very helpful for sure………

  14. Bernie Says:


    The U.S. mid cap seasonal strategy has an amazing track record with respect to positive returns. I believe it has only been down once since 2002, that being slightly under 1% TR in 2011. The rides, though, have been a bit rough due to price volatility…price charts are rarely a smooth lower left to upper right. I know returns are not guaranteed. Do you think I should add a trailing stop to this trade? I’ve never used one but should have considered them when I mismanaged trading in my TFSA.

    I’m happy you’re finding your “game” with golf. Youtube videos, I would think, can be quite beneficial. I haven’t spent much time with them but did with my VCR golf instructional videos back in the 80’s.

  15. Larry/ON Says:

    SP500 – Momentum barometer overbought and trending down to a new all-time high.

  16. Ron/BC Says:

    I’m not a fan of trailing stops. A simple uptrendline or better yet former breakout point works well and keeps you with the trend. A ratio chart with a comparable rtf also helps. I’ll spend some time on this and let you know what might work well. I still haven’t invested my cash yet so am looking for a simple strategy.

  17. Rol Lew Says:

    Lithiums (seeking alpha)

  18. Ron/BC Says:

    Here is a chart of Note the 20ema and 50ema and their crossovers marked with vertical dotted lines for buy and sell signals. This system works well without giving back too much and without a lot of trading. And selling when you see a negative crossover keeps you from holding onto the ETF on a major selloff. And one never knows just how much or how long a selloff will be. Then on a positive crossover you buy again and catch the next trend up. Simple enough with reduced risk. Also note the above chart of to see just how well the Mid Cap ETF is doing compared to the broad market

  19. Bernie Says:


    Re: #18
    Thank you kindly for your revised chart and strategic view. Just wondering why you choose XIU.TO for a broad market comparison. Would not U.S. market an unhedged $CAD S&P500 Index ETF like XUS.TO, VFV.TO or ZSP.TO be a better choice. XMC.TO is an unhedged $CAD U.S. mid-cap ETF.

  20. rick Says:

    Bernie ,

    I just wanted to show how 2,5 % MER will influence an investment in 22 years .
    We now that 85 % of mutual funds and hedge funds underperform SPX.
    But 15 % will do better !
    The trick is to find them . And you did it .( keep watching on management changes )

    There are a few methods to find these outperformers .
    The question is : why the other investors are not moving their money from losers mutual funds to winners mutual funds .
    The answer is : majority let a financial advisor to do it .( and the advisors are not interested to do it , or to much work … or who knows why )
    So probably the best is to do it yourself .
    Not to many people have financial education .
    My co-workers just give their money to a financial advisor, sign some papers and have now idea what is inside their retirement account .
    Talking with them about moving averages , MACD, trends , RSI , Stochastics ?
    English please !
    I could not convince a lady to pay her 10.000 $ debt on credit card .
    Who cares about 21 % interest compound daily when you have to pay only 300 $ monthly .
    And than they wonder why they are poor and of course “we have to blame somebody else ”
    Usually the educated ones from top 10 %.
    But reading a financial book ? no way.

  21. Ron/BC Says:

    Here is the with all 3 of your suggestions for a comparison. Not much difference between them comparatively. Didn’t look at the prices or volume on them yet but they seem to be outperforming the

  22. Ron/BC Says:

    I always compare an ETF of any type to the broad market as a comparison to see just how each specific sector is doing compared the typical broad market.

  23. Bernie Says:


    XMC.TO has only been around since mid 2015 but they have outperformed XUS.TO, VFV.TO and ZSP.TO over the last two Nov-May seasonal periods.

  24. Bernie Says:


    Re: #20
    Agreed! Financial illiteracy runs rampant.

  25. Ana Says:

    Why did all of the posts from November 28th, 2017 appear here?

  26. Larry/ON Says:

    Cdn Banks – Words of Wisdom – First, the CFO of Royal Bank pointed out that when Canada had a huge housing market correction in 1991 the loan losses topped out at 10bps on the mortgage books. 10bps! Compare that to the apocalyptic scenarios painted by the short sellers who I have seen on BNN that look like they haven’t a clue about how the Canadian banking system operates.
    Secondly, former David Dodge stated on BNN yesterday that the shorts historically have lost money will lose money shorting Cdn banks.

  27. sp Says: re testing 52 wks low, or may be forming double bottom, is div. safe. what r risk and how low can go down. thanks

  28. Mick/NV Says:


    Price dropped down below the s1 pivot point support this morning but did not reach it’s share offering price of $27.80 which would suggest some strength in their shares. They did mention yesterday that they are extending their 10% annual dividend increase thru 2020, that tells me the dividend is safe. Currently yields just over 6%, it has increased it’s dividend each year for the past 6, now that will continue. I do have a full position in this name so did not buy on the share offering, it appears it was a good price to get in though. Stock is down 10% ytd, always good to buy something on the cheap if one thinks the company is worth it.

  29. Mick/NV Says: moved up this morning to cover the gap at around $99.60, will see how this pans out over the next few weeks. The TSI and Full stochastics seem to be leveling out a bit so the selling pressure might have eased, since I now have a full position with yesterday’s purchase won’t be adding on any significant drop.

  30. Larry/ON Says:

    The Hardest Thing To Do In A Bull Market Is To Stick With Your Winners (David Burrows) – If you try to time this market you will bemore likely end up buy back at higher prices. There is no follow through today on yesterday’s drop in tech stocks. If you sold tech yesterday you are now faced with a rebound and a distinct possibility that it is not going lower. If the overall market is bullish I don’t see a collapse in tech but rather comparative underperformance for a period of time.

  31. Ron/BC Says:

    Re:#25. NTR

    Thanks for clarifying the repeating posts. I thought I was losing it or doing a time warp or something. When retired a lot of days come together and require some serious thought to figure out where exactly are we in time. Perhaps we are in the “TWILIGHT ZONE.”

  32. Mick/NV Says: beat on earnings yesterday but also attracted some short sellers from the states, as appears to be the norm these days with cdn banks. Regardless, the stock has been somewhat range bound for the past month between $99.50 and $102. Ytd, the stock is up 15% not too bad. I think the downside risk is limited, any drop to around the $98 level or below would be a nice entry point. The cdn banks have shown to be quite resilient. Own a full position in this one, so although tempting to add on any type of drop, probably will not.

  33. dutchcanuck Says:

    Enbridge (ENB.TO) and Enbridge Income FUND (ENF.TO) announced 10% div increases for 2018.
    Buttttt they also sold $1.5B and $.5B worth of stock. So tell me again that the divs are not paid out of share dilution. Of course the banks will maintain or even raise their estimates while fattening at the trough.
    I have felt uneasy about these 2 for a while and I own a full position of ENB and a little of ENF.(Alas). For me they are rapidly becoming a source of funds, sorry to say.

  34. roy Says:

    Hello dutchcanuck
    Do you still own BPY? Has been good with the divvy,but the stock price has not moved for quite some time. Is it due to Brexit fears?
    PS – Nice to see TFC win last night. Toronto teams doing well, except for the Jays eh?

  35. Larry/ON Says:

    $CAD at critical support around 1.29 (77.50). I’m pretty confident we will see a drop soon to the 75 cent range. CAD has lost correlation to the price of oil and is trading based on differentials on interest rate expectations. We could possibly see a little more sideways trading before the drop. As an investor it makes even more sense to hold US stocks. If we drop 2.5 cents you get 3.2% profit just on currency.

  36. dutchcanuck Says:

    roy #34
    Yes i still own BPY/UN. It’s trading well below asset value, so worth keeping in my opinion.

  37. Mick/NV Says: is the other bank that was hit with short sellers recently, I expect they are losing money today. CM beat on earnings and gapped up on the open above the r1 and r2 pivot point resistances and is now overbought. I expect the gap at about $115.25 will be covered sooner than later although price may stabilize between the 2 pivot points in the short term. The stock is up 10.5% ytd, less than the other big 6 banks except BMO which is up only 6% ytd (BMO reports next week).This is another bank that I have a full position in so won’t be adding on a drop, however if price does drop to around the $110 level I think that would be a great entry point.

  38. Ana Says:

    #31. Ron/BC

    Exactly! The Twilight Zone! I remember that on my parents black and white television.

    Ha, retired! Good for you!

    I usually read the posts late at night and the repeated posts came as a shock to me too. Someone must have used the previous day as a template and forgot to erase the comment section.

    What are you trading these days? I remember you trade with the RRSP. Have you traded within the TFSA?

  39. roy Says:

    Dutchcanuck # 36
    Thanks for the response on BPY.
    was wondering how ENB can increase dividend whilst issuing more stock? Is that not going to come back to hurt them? 1.5 Billion worth of stock is a lot is it not?

  40. Larry/ON Says:

    Mick/NV – I used to have a huge position in CM. Take any of the big five cdn banks and chart them against BAC over the last year. I was temporarily in CM and BNS when they bottomed around June and got out in October. Why hold Cdn banks especially when it’s the US that is going to be increasing interest rates, deregulating, lowering corp taxes, and has the greater prospects for economic growth?

  41. Mick/NV Says:


    Here are 3 performance charts, short term and longterm. The short term shows the cdn banks holding their own against BAC except for what appears to be the last week or so when BAC did outperform the cdn banks

    The longterm chart is quite different though, and yes it does cover the 2007-2009 period, but still comparing apples to apples. The cdn banks vastly outperformed BAC, in my opnion, this shows that over time (at least historically) the lower risk profile, strength in earnings and stability of dividends (and the use of the dividend tax credit), one would be better off with holding the cdn banks as an investment

    The only large U.S. bank that I would consider essentially equal to the cdn banks performance is WFC, I would consider it a better investment than BAC or C .

  42. Ron/BC Says:

    I use my TFSA for trading $TSX stocks and my RIF money that I have in U.S.$ for trading NYSE stocks. Always have had mixed emotions on which currency but it’s nice to have both in different accounts to choose. Prefer U.S.$ for obvious reasons. My CD$ house sale money is just parked in the bank at 2.5% and I’m looking at a few condos in Victoria that would make a good investment. Or if I don’t find a great deal in real estate I’ll wait for a big correction in the stock market or even a specific sector selloff to buy some ETFs. I’ve learned to be patient when it comes to my money and not be like a kid in a candy store chasing after overpriced assets. Everything goes up and then comes down. That will never change. A pullback in the CD banks like from Sept/15 to Jan/16 would be nice to see again. Or some sector that does the same. I’m surprised Gold stocks haven’t had a big jump for some time. KL or is the exception. Dec into Feb ‘should’ see some kind of a rally one would think. Meanwhile I’ll just enjoy life the best I know how to within reason. I thought you were considering selling out and moving to Saskatchewan with a sack of money……………

  43. Larry/ON Says:

    Mick/NV – You have to understand what is going on with US banks. BAC has more than doubled since the Feb 16 low. You won’t find that with any of the Cdn banks. Going all the way back to 2007 isn’t going to help your investment decision in 2017 except to show the incredible base building period that you have with the US banks (Greater the base the greater the case). The US banks trade at half of the multiple of book value that Canadian banks do. They spent years repairing themselves following the 2008 Great Recession. The upside is much greater than for Cdn banks.

  44. bruce Says:

    re 39
    I agree Roy………how can the market reward the management at ENB for diluting their equity to help pay for an increased dividend?…….

  45. roy Says:

    Hi Bruce #44
    I think eventually it will catch up to the company. This is just an initial uptick in the price of the stock. IMHO

  46. Ana Says: has a H & S on the daily, 5 minute. has an I H & S on the daily, 5 minute.

  47. Harry Says:

    I just added another year on stock charts. But now to get real-time you have to pay 9.9 per month for the tsx and 9.9 for US exchanges. Anyone has a better solution. Thanks in advance

  48. Kam Says:


    All Weekly posts together,

    Actually I like this idea of all posts at one place so that when I come here I can read all the stories at one place for the week and don’t have to jump from day to day. This way I won’t miss any comments. Only thing is maybe tomorrow or on weekend their system shut down then we can’t add any more posts.


    Not much changed as per EW. Russell holding 4th wave pullback as long as 1533 is not breached, can see towards 1575 before III is over.
    SPX is extended and next targets are 2669 to 2689 as long as we hold 2618.

    I end up holding 200 XIV with 118 breakeven which I forgot to sell being busy at work and it dumped AH below $117 now , in red. Otherwise not holding anything else in trading account.

    VIX held its own against SPX today. I read tons of people had sold calls on VIX and when it didn’t drop they end up doing short covering making it run towards 12. We will see what happens tomorrow.

  49. DL Says:

    Harry, website recently started offering Real Time quotes on stocks for free.

  50. Ana Says:

    #48. Kam,

    I am watching for 2690 for tomorrow! So this must be a target for a larger wave #5.

  51. Ana Says:

    #42. Ron/BC

    Thank you for the update!

    Most analysts are calling for a rally into 2018, as you mentioned.

    I have been considering selling my home, because of all of the constant repairs that require attention. I will have to get a line of credit on my home to look after the repairs.

    Things are on hold though, as I try to look after my mother, whose health has been improving and I also try to look after one of my adult children whose health is deteriorating. So I am just trying to enjoy each moment these days.

    Really happy with my swimming, I am up to 60 non stop lengths of front crawl! Not bad for an old goat! 😀 😀 😀

  52. Dee Says:

    Harry, gives tsx realtime quotes. gives US realtime quotes.
    I have been using both for years.

    Happy Trading!

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