Tech Talk for Friday January 5th 2018

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Pre-opening Comments for Friday January 5th

U.S. equity index futures were higher this morning. S&P 500 futures were up 8 points in pre-opening trade.

U.S. equity index futures were virtually unchanged following release of economic news at 8:30 AM EST. Consensus for December Non-farm Payrolls was 190,000 versus revised 211,000 in November. Actual was148,000. Consensus for December Unemployment Rate was unchanged at 4.1% from November. Actual was unchanged at 4.1%. Consensus for November U.S. Trade Deficit was $48.3 billion versus $48.7 billion in October. Actual was $50.5 billion.

The Canadian Dollar surged to US80.55 cents from US79.96 cents following release of Canada’s economic news at 8:30 AM EST. Consensus for December Employment was an increase of 1,000 versus a gain of 79,500 in November. Actual was an increase of 78,600.Consensus for Canada’s Unemployment Rate was an increase to 6.0% from 5.9% in November. Actual was a drop to 5.7%. Consensus for November Merchandise Trade Deficit.was $1.4 billion versus $1.5 billion in October. Actual was $2.54 billion.

Nokia slipped $0.02 to $4.87 after Credit Suisse downgraded the stock to neutral from outperform.

Xilinx gained $1.73 to $72.22 after Goldman Sachs upgraded the stock to Buy from Neutral

EquityClock’s Daily Market Comment

Following is a link:

Note seasonality charts on Initial Jobless Claims, Non-farm Payrolls, Crude Oil Days of Supply, Gasoline Days of Supply, Crude Oil and Canadian Product Price Index.


More all-time or multi-year highs by equity indices and related ETFs:

Russell 2000 all-time high


Nikkei 25 year high


Greek iShares: 30 month high


REITs remain under pressure




A word of caution on the Technology sector! The sector has been “on fire” during the past three weeks with a focus on the FAANG stock and their moves to all-time high. History shows that the sector has a high probability of reaching a seasonal peak during the week of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show. This year, the show is scheduled from January 8th to 12th



StockTwits Released Yesterday @EquityClock

Technical action by S&P 500 stocks to 11:00: Bullish. 25 stocks broke resistance. One stock broke support: $M

Editor’s Note: After 11:00 AM EST, breakouts included PVH, CMI, PNR, PRGO, CAH, DXC, HPE, GE, BHGE, XEC and VFC. Breakdowns: AIV, IRM

IBM $IBM, a Dow Jones Industrial stock moved above $160.90 extending an intermediate uptrend.


Microsoft $MSFT, a Dow Jones Industrial stock moved above $87.50 to an all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Dow Dupont $DWDP, a Dow Jones Industrial stock moved above $73.45 to an all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


TSX Financials iShares $XFN.CA moved above $38.91 to an all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Eurozone iShares $EZU moved above $43.92 to an all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Italy iShares $EWI moved above $31.44 to a 3 year high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Canadian Natural Resources $CNQ.CA, a TSX 60 stock moved above $46.71 to a 9 year high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Another gold stock breakout! Kinross Gold $KGC, a TSX 60 stock moved above $54.95 extending an intermediate uptrend.


U.S. Natural Gas Storage reported today well below 5 year average. $UNG. Baby, it’s cold out there.


National Bank $NA.CA moved above $63.17 to an all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.


Pembina Pipeline $PPL.CA moved above $45.89 to an all-time high extending an intermediate uptrend.



Trader’s Corner

Daily Seasonal/Technical Equity Trends for January 4th 2018


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day


Daily Seasonal/Technical Commodities Trends for January 4th 2018


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day

* Excludes adjustment from rollover of futures contracts


Daily Seasonal/Technical Sector Trends for January 4th 2018


Green: Increase from previous day

Red: Decrease from previous day


S&P 500 Momentum Barometer

The Barometer was unchanged yesterday at 79.60. It remains intermediate overbought.



TSX Momentum Barometer

The Barometer slipped 2.92 to 62.50 yesterday. It remains intermediate overbought.



Disclaimer: Seasonality and technical ratings offered in this report and at are for information only. They should not be considered as advice to purchase or to sell mentioned securities. Data offered in this report is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed

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63 Responses to “Tech Talk for Friday January 5th 2018”

  1. dave/ab Says:

    I have been buying stocks with at least a 6% dividend over the last 3 years. Been very fortunate with reits and western Canadian companies. I’m looking to add 2 or 3 new ones this year to my collection. Like to hear anyone’s opinions on their favorite ones for 2018 to add. I have added one oil stock with a high dividends recently.

  2. wsto Says:


    A lot of pipeline stocks have around 6% yield such as ENF, IPL etc..

  3. Wayne Says:

    CPG just hit it’s 200 day ema and returned to it’s down trend…..

  4. Mick/NV Says:

    Picked up some yesterday as it became oversold, there is still selling pressure on the stock so can’t say whether it will go lower or not. Looks like it is trying to move back up to the s2 pivot point resistance, if it can break thru that and hold may start to move higher, if not just may consolidate in this area.

    Now looking at adding some, tried yesterday but missed it, oversold and still lots of selling pressure, so may head down to the s2 pivot point support area. Am overweight in this one but hard to resist when on sale.

  5. NRG Says:

    dave ab #1

    High paying dividend stocks. Dave, it just so happens that I spent some time listing high dividend paying stocks. High dividend paying stocks should not be the only criteria in your portfolio. As you can see from my list below, high div. paying stocks usually have low total returns. What may be more important for any investor if you are seeking a higher dividend return is to balance it with lower paying dividend stocks that increase their dividend yearly and show a capital gain on the price of the stock. You will find over time that your portfolio will show a better return.

    Stock Div Last Div Increase 2017 Total Return

    ALA 7.39 4.57% 2017 -9.35
    BRE 7.99 3.88% 2017 13.13
    CHW 7.32 7.7% 2016 7.32
    ENF 6.8 10% 2017 -8.36
    GS 6.01 sp 2016 6.08
    IPL 6.26 3.7 2017 -6.68
    SPB 6 -1.25
    RNW 6.78 6.82 2017 0.31
    APR.UN 7.44 NEW 9.68
    CHE.UN 6.19 NEVER 8.76
    KWH.UN 8.77 4 2017 17.16
    DRG.UN 6.55 2011 37.78
    FC 7.21 NEVER 2.01
    BPF.UN 6.3 3.5 2017 2.01
    FIE 6.28 2014 12.01

  6. Sandra Says:

    TD waterhouse is giving 10 free trades in one account for yesterday’s frustration. You have to call.

  7. NRG Says:

    dave ab #1

    Some stocks with lower dividend increases with higher 2017 returns. The list is much longer than what I listed.

    Stock Div Total Return 2017
    AQN 4.33 28.8
    MG 2 24.6
    MX 2 32
    NFI 2.25 35
    PBH 1.63 52
    WSP 2.5 37
    BYD.UN 0.5 18
    BIP.UN 3.96 29
    BEP.UN 5.52 16
    ECN 1 20
    RPI 4.1 30
    SIS 1.6 70
    PLC 2 48

  8. NRG Says:

    7. NRG

    Should read Some stocks with lower dividends and high 2017 returns.

  9. Ana Says:


    Thank you so much for the link to Tower Of Song! I will listen to that again, as I loved the music!

  10. tom C Says:

    Anyone care to share on the Schacter report released yesterday, too cheap to subscribe though it might be cheaper than getting killed with my Gas(PONY+BXE)stocks.
    On a brighter note VRX has doubled since I bought: LOL

  11. Ana Says:

    #6. Sandra,

    Thank you for the information!

    Everything is working today.

  12. Ana Says:


    Sorry you did not enjoy Tower of Song.

    It might have something to do with age?

    Maybe, maybe not.

  13. Ana Says:

    #3. Wayne,

    Good to hear from you again!

    If you take the CPG chart back to July 2017, it looks like it has a good H & S formation.

  14. Mick/NV Says: which had a decent 11% return last year looks like it is trying to test the r1 pivot point resistance this morning. If it can break thru that next week and hold, may run up to around $84 before stalling out. Have only owned this stock since the beg of dec, but like all the big 6 cdn banks should do well over time. Has a good 3.7% yield with a dividend that has increased yearly for the past 6. Wouldn’t buy at the moment but a drop to around the $80 level or below would be a nice entry point.

  15. Ron/BC Says:

    The Canadian dollar $CDW broke out above its two month channel of 77.40 to 79 and in classic fashion rallied that channel amount of 1.6 cents higher to next resistance at 80.60. Price how is very overbought but if price can hold above this 80.60 area it would make this present resistance point support. If this occurs price could run up to its September high double top at 82.80. Not surprised at the breakout and run up when everyone and his dog was predicting a crash and burn scenario for the CD$ due to low Oil prices,NAFTA collapse,Federal Tax hikes in Canada v/s lower taxes in the U.S. etc,etc. It always seems to happen when the ‘so called’ fundamentals become the obvious written word and then the complete opposite occurs. The chart suggested the breakout and run up in November when price broke up over its downtrendline and then consolidated for two months.
    Big test at holding above 80.60 now and even consolidating there to establish new support. The above chart shows the CD$ relative to $WTIC continuing to fall which would suggest the fundamental story of CD$ weakness ahead. Perhaps in time this will come back to bite it but meanwhile a rally that could go to 82 cents is the reality.

  16. Wayne Says:

    Here’s what I see. I can see the H & S pattern – but the third top adds significant weight to resistance at the 10.50 area.
    Thanks for the heads and shoulders “up”!
    I am in Charlotte, NC watching the depressing storms along the coast up into the Maritimes. Fell badly for my friends up in Halifax…

    Here’s the chart:

  17. Ron/BC Says:

    For those that like to compare relative charts here is one you may want to see.

  18. Ana Says:

    #16. Wayne,

    I have friends who live in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and I must say that I am often envious of their surroundings.

    Yes, reports of the weather on the East Coast sound just terrible! Areas north of Boston are having floods that have turned into ice!

    Enjoy your stay in Charlotte! Are you house sitting?

    Thank you for the chart.

  19. Paul R Says:

    Thanks for the heads up for TD.
    I gave it a try and put my speaker phone on hold for two hours.
    Finally got through and the rep acted like he had no idea what was going on with their service and had not heard of any credits to my account for the inconvenience.Asked me several questions concerning my problems and put me on hold to talk to a supervisor then came back and offered me $100.00 to one of my accounts.
    I told him that this is a common problem when the market gets busy and has happened several times in the past year although this was the worst experience and he claimed it was the rush to by marijuana stocks.
    They will never take responsibility for their bad service.

  20. Sandra Says:

    Paul R,
    I too got a credit of $100 in one of my accounts. I agree with you , it is very annoying. In past, when I had problems and media did not pick up the news I was told it’s just the server I am on. LOL!
    But when there are no technical difficulties service is pretty good. So what to do! I for a short period switched to BMO. All costs were reimbursed but move was still a hassle and then I dod not like there service and platform so came back. TD picked up costs and also gave me 50 free trades for returning.
    Today was smooth day, hope it continues.

  21. Ana Says:

    $VIX still has room to run lower, 8.75 or might double bottom with the low set on November 24th, 2017 at 8.56.

    Of course this means that $SPX will run higher.

    “Pearaballick” according to Ron/BC.

  22. Sandra Says:

    Wayne, Ana: Re: CPG.TO H&S

    Is the pullback in chart beginning to form the other shoulder? Means it may pullback o where it started ? Please shed some light. Thanks!

  23. Wayne Says:

    Yes…. the owner heads to Peru this time every year. He owns property down there. Also, a novelist – he has written about a dozen books – makes a ton of $$$$’s.
    We had set up a house sit in California just outside of Monterey, but had to cancel.

    Markets are insane – traders talk about a seller’s strike. I am day trading weekly options in the US market. Nice gains in INTC. JPM and CSCO. Loss yesterday in AAPL.
    Are you still daytrading? The tech stocks continue to soar…..


  24. Kam Says:


    IB market data was of few hours today. This is the biggest outage they ever have. Look like TD virus caught on to them or I am the biggest Jinx-man out there, lol. You guys should buy the opposite of what I say, can’t lose. I have no comments on bitcoin though 🙂

  25. Sandra Says:

    Sold my CNQ-N after yesterday’s candle. Thinking of going for SU-N instead.

  26. Wayne Says:

    The 200 MA is a pretty strong trendline. But volume was on the low end, which often indicates a temporary pullback. If it breaks above the 200, then it could run up significantly.
    I have a three day rule – wait and see. If I was aggressive, I’d short it using 10.55 as a stop.
    Ron/BC is a master at tech analysis – he might be tempted to provide a better analysis than I can offer. Ana has a talent for picking spots – she can offer better insight.


  27. Wayne Says:

    Friend of mine wanted me to join him last September to buy Litecoin at $ 70.00. I decided not to buy. Too volatile for my liver!

    The US AG has stated that “Good people do not smoke marajuana”. He is preparing to force states that approved it’s use to repeal the law, OR ELSE!
    This move came after Kali just approved recreational use of weed. I’m surprised that HMMJ didn’t collapse after that comment. Could be people getting out of weed stocks since the US is THE market for weed.

  28. Bernie Says:


    Re: #1
    Sorry if it appears I’m judging you but I have to ask…
    Why are you seeking stocks with high dividend yields? Are you needing the income?
    Do you also have a healthy mix of low and mid yielders in your portfolio for diversity and safety?

    I’ve been investing in dividend growth stocks for close to 10 years. I’ve found the likelihood of a dividend cut is much greater with high yield stocks than with low yielders, especially those with short streaks of continuous annual dividend increases. High yielders also tend to have lower total returns and dividend growth than low yielders.

    Here’s some numbers for you that speak for themselves. I own 38 dividend growth stocks currently. I broke them down into three groups to observe their behavior over the past year in 2017. I categorized the groups as high yield (>6% yield), mid yield (4% to 6% yield) and low yield (<4% yield). The results are as follows:
    High Yield: Avg Total Return = 0.22% Avg Dividend Growth = 4.14%
    Mid Yield: Avg Total Return = 8.47% Avg Dividend Growth = 6.21%
    Low Yield: Avg Total Return = 17.25% Avg Dividend Growth = 7.53%

    Ok, now that I've given you the general low down I should say there are usually outliers in most trends. Two of my high yielders did quite well overall. KWH.UN (current yield = 9.0%) had a 17.16% TR with an 8.25% DGR and CPX.TO (current yield = 6.96%) had a 12.38% TR with a 6.90% DGR. The two are probably ok to add now but I caution you, and other dividend investors, I suggest keeping position size to less than 5% for any one stock.

  29. Ron/BC Says:

    Don’t forget to transfer $5500 into your TFSA for your 2018 contribution. Did that today myself.

  30. Ron/BC Says:

    Here is SU-N
    Price is approaching the 2014 high and is very overbought. Note the price at the other times the RSI 8 was so high. As far as comparing to CNQ-N goes the two have been in a sideways channel relative to each other for about two years now. CNQ has had higher highs and higher lows meaning higher volatility. If you’ve made some money on CNQ perhaps waiting for a pullback might be an idea. The oil stocks have had a good run but like everything won’t go to the moon right away either. Also notice $WTIC has reached major price resistance at $62 as well which was the 2015 high! IF I had a gun to my head I’d short the crap out of them.

  31. dave/ab Says:

    Thanks for your ideas WSTO / NRG.

    Bernie. I have been very fortunate. My father got me interested at a very young age. I started using my own earned money from my career in my early 20’s, 1983ish. I kept buying 4 different bank stocks with my money until I turned 30. It was an incredible ride for about 10 years. they split 2x and the dividend was great. I sold all of them and got lucky investing in junior oil and gas. But now I think back, only if I have kept the banks for the 30+ years those original shares in TD, RY, N and BNS, the dividends would be close to 40% from the splits and dividend increases. I often tell people I invested better with less knowledge. I’m looking at retiring early in a few years. I have been buying,div,cwx, spb,sox, nwh.un, dir.un, and bpf.un. I have picked these up over the last 2.5 years and have done well. Thinking is these were unloved since western Canada was in a recession and down all ready for 2-3 years before I picked them up. I felt that if they have survived this long I should start looking at them when there is a sign of consolidation in their graph. I recently bought some pipelines ipl and ala and bne. Guess I’m still thinking about recapturing the high yield I could have had if I kept them banks.

  32. dave/ab Says:

    Bernie thanks for your advice. I am aware that I I am playing with stocks where the dividend can be cut. I’m been watching AD for a while now. Just looking to get in when it consolidates

  33. Ron/BC Says:

    The bank of Montreal seems to be the only bank left that hasn’t broken out above its 2017 high resistance and rallied to new highs.

  34. Ana Says:

    #25. Sandra,

    Read Ron/BC’s post on #30.

    $WTIC and SU.TO are on their way down.

    Have to evaluate my charts each day, but now is not the time to purchase these.

  35. Ron/BC Says:

    With the extreme overbought level of so many stocks and sectors the only sector I can see that is near support and oversold is the Utilities. The XLU being the major Utility ETF on the NYSE is approaching important price support at $50.50. That matches the patterns of a variety of $TSX Utility stocks also approaching price support. Some aren’t there yet like XLU but are close. No technical sign of a reversal yet but it’s got to be close by. One could argue there are some oscillators showing a slight positive divergence the this last low but that would be just trying too hard. Price needs to tag this 50 level to test support. It’s not uncommon for the first week in January to be wild and crazy.

  36. Bernie Says:


    Re: #31-32
    Good to see you’ve been investing for a long time and know the risks. Sorry, I asked those questions, I just wanted an indication of your dividend investing IQ. I’ve noticed an awful lot of dividend newbies chase yield these days. This seldom turns out well. I wish you continued success with your investments so you can achieve your goal of retiring early!

  37. Bernie Says:


    Re: AD.TO
    AD is showing early signs of turning the corner. I expect them to do well this year. Butttt…that’s me, the optimist and owner of quite a few shares 🙂

  38. dave/ab Says:

    Hi Bernie

    No offence was taken. I think its good you remind me and everyone here of the basic fundamentals. Sometimes even if you feel you have a good knowledge base, it is still good to be reminded of the simple stuff. Like I was said in my earlier post #31 if only I have kept the banks. Right now I do feel good about looking for higher dividend stocks with a western Canada flair or O & G related.

    Thanks for your input on AD. I just want to see a little more consolidation or the 4th quarter results and outlook then I will decide if I will jump in.

  39. LonyJ Says:

    I am looking for a good free mutual fund scanner – so far morningstar seems to be about the best I can find.
    I want to do a final comparison of Canadian Balanced Mutual Funds before I set up Mawer Balanced for sourcing a Systematic Withdrawal Plan from a registered account.
    Appreciate any thoughts.

  40. Sherri Says:

    #17 Ron/BC
    Interesting chart. Guess it no longer matters which one you buy. 🙂

  41. Sherri Says:

    Posted today from AJ Monte at The Market Guys (for what it’s worth):

    ” For many months I’ve been doing my best to educate people about the risks of Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Markets. Over the last couple of days the authorities have moved in to shut down USI-Tech and several other cryptocurrency companies, but this is just the beginning of the crackdown. I’ve been told by several high level officials within the SEC, CME, and CBOE that further action will be taken to shut down other Cryptocurrency dealers like USI-Tech.

    If you have been approached by anyone who claims to be a “Financial Expert” or anyone who says they are acting as an “Investment Banker” in the world of Bitcoins…BEWARE.

    Imagine if you were someone who had invested $1000…$5000…$10000 or more, and shortly after, you found that the authorities have shut down the company you were registered with. I’m sure this would upset you.

    Keep in mind that my goal is not to discourage you from investing in the Bitcoin market, I’m simply shedding light on the risks of investing in companies like USI-Tech, which is something the so-called “experts” have failed to do.

    On January 25th, at 4:30pm, I will be doing a special web presentation that goes over the dos and don’ts of investing in the Bitcion Market. TradeStation has asked me to present to their clients and they were nice enough to open this up to the general public. Once they have set it up in their system I will post the registration link to this FREE Event.”

  42. Bernie Says:


    Re: #39

    FundLibrary has decent mutual fund screeners but I don’t think their database includes “D” Series. The link is below. You’ll find Mawer Balanced Fund under “Global Neutral Balanced”:

  43. Ron/BC Says:

    You’ll generally find most ETFs and stocks in the same group all track together as they tend to respond to the same things. In #17 SPHD does tend to outperform all the way up so I’d have to go with it if I had to. And 2nd choice would be SPYD. That way “when” I bailed out early odds would favour getting more profit with those two that were doing better than the others that basically track the $SPX overall. But I think all or most of them have withholding taxes etc. Not sure about each one but would be concerned about any withholding rules. Never did like anything that restricted my decisions.

  44. Bernie Says:


    Re: #17 &43
    Interesting. I know its a Canadian dividend ETF but how does PDC.TO compare to the U.S. ETFs in your chart?

  45. Ron/BC Says:

    Here is #17 post of DGRO with the other overlays except $SPX as for some reason I couldn’t add another without removing one. I put on your in dark blue and it seems to perform as well overall as the others. By the way you don’t necessarily need a zero line across the Modified MACD as you can see where it is. Also you don’t need a 10ema either as the important thing is to see the Modified MACD in black well below the zero line or tagging the zero line from above and then “curling up again” which is the key. Once it curls back up you know it is crossing its 10ema. Just thought I’d mention this.

  46. Ron/BC Says:


    The lack of volume on many of these $TSX ETFs is a concern. Don’t know how difficult it would be to exit in a hurry.

  47. Bernie Says:

    Thanks Ron. Not sure about exiting but it looks like SPHD and PDC.TO would be good ETFs to hold for diversity.

  48. LonyJ Says:

    NRG & Bernie & dave/ab – great DGI discussion – always learning
    Bernie – thanks for the fundlibrary link

  49. Ron/BC Says:

    Here is another comparison chart of like ETFs.

  50. Bernie Says:

    Ron/BC & Sherri,

    Re: #17 & #43
    The following are the annualized total returns for the ETFs depicted in the chart. I included Mawer U.S. Equity (MAW108) and SPY for comparison but left out SPYD because its history is only a little over 2 years. Its interesting to note all but NOBL beat SPY over the period. The total returns are after all fees and expenses are deducted which is the normal way of reporting performances. The ETFs returns are based on $USD, Mawer’s return is based on $CAD. I wish I knew an easy way to convert them all to one currency.
    DGRO = 13.49%
    SPHD = 13.29%
    MAW108 = 13.28%
    SCHD = 13.15%
    SPY = 12.95%
    NOBL = 11.75%
    Another reason I included Mawer U.S. Equity Fund is because I think you can hold this one in your TFSA without worrying about withholding taxes. I believe the withholding taxes are paid out of the management fees before they’re distributed. Regardless, the dividend yield is only 0.11% anyway, their performance returns are almost entirely capital gains.

  51. Bernie Says:

    Further to my #50
    PID = 3.73%

  52. Bernie Says:

    Ana & Mavis,

    My wife and I watched the “Tower of Song” tribute to Leonard Cohen last night via the CBC link (thanks Mavis). We loved it…very moving & well done! Adam Cohen’s singing voice sounds very much like a young Leonard. Would you know if Adam includes his father’s songs when he tours?

  53. LonyJ Says:

    Bernie – re fundlibrary
    Have you found a way to export to excel your filtered list results?
    Lots of data but seems hard to work with.

  54. FishFat Says:

    Nutrient (NTR) has B/O above resistance. All the technical indicators look bullish, but the breakout volume has been low. The stock is oversold, so a pullback to the B/O price of $51.00 USD would not be too surprising.

  55. Sherri Says:

    Thanks, Bernie.

    #17 Thanks, Ron/BC!

  56. Bernie Says:


    Re: #53
    I haven’t copied and pasted anything from FundLibrary.

  57. Ron/BC Says:

    Just looking at comparison charts it looks like the $SPX outperforms or at least does about as well as most stock ETFs.

  58. Ron/BC Says:

    Perhaps the $SPX ETF:SPY doesnt have as much in earnings etc. But looking at the chart overlays I have to question the value of holding most specific ETfs over the SPY.

  59. Bernie Says:


    Re: #58
    It all depends on what an investor/trader is after. SPY is more volatile than most dividend stocks. In general it underperforms dividend stocks in bear and flat markets. The dividend is meagre which may necessitate selling shares for income. Hopefully a holder doesn’t need the income during a down market. Many of those who buy SPY for capital gains wouldn’t know when to get in and out of the ETF.

    If You buy SPY why don’t you buy TLT as well for safety. They have an excellent inverse relationship.

  60. roy Says:

    Hello Ron/BC
    Could you provide support and resistance for SU.TO and CNQ.TO please? TIA

  61. Ana Says:

    #52. Bernie,

    So glad you enjoyed Tower Of Song. Thank you Mavis for posting that link! I watched it again too!

    When I was in Montreal I saw the Leonard Cohen display “A Crack In Everything “at the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal). It was fantastic!

  62. Ron/BC Says:

    Roy is back up to multi year price resistance of $46. Plus $WTIC is also right up against multi year resistance at %62. So unless there is a major price breakout dead ahead you are looking at a major high in these markets at least for now. broke out over $43 and pulled back and tested it and is at new rally highs.

  63. Ron/BC Says:

    Here is SU-N. Price is approaching a multi year high also on the NYSE at $39-$41. Also note the ratio chart above of SU:CNQ as it shows both tracking together other than SU having stronger rallies along the way but returning to its comparative price pattern each time.

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